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"The latest dynamics in the Asset Management Industry"

About the Forum

The Asset Management Industry becomes more dynamic worldwide and in Greece too. Fintech and predictive analytics is one of the hottest topics globally as the evolution of technology affects the industry. Digital transformation and the need for analytics to support businesses and clients in a fully scalable manner is more than critical.

At the Macro point of view, the latest developments and the dynamics of Brexit will be at the top of the agenda of the first panel presentation and discussion.

Cross border distribution of funds and developments at the EU level, as well as the new framework regarding cross border provision of services and related issues under MiFID II related to the new trading environment, will provide further information on the new era the industry is heading to.

Specifically, some of the topics that will be covered are:

  • Current technological trends in asset and wealth management. Digital transformation and the need for analytics to support business and clients in a fully scalable manner.
  • MiFID II and MiFIR introduce a wide range of reforms that influence the structure and functioning of financial markets. The objectives (level playing field, transparency, orderly functioning, stability, efficiency…) ambitious, the implementation a massive and challenging project and the overall impact not clear yet.
  • As a part of its Action Plan for the Capital Markets Union the European Commission has launched a consultation on the further enhancement of the cross border distribution of funds across the EU and the main barriers to deal with. Further integration as well as new distribution channels bring significant potential for asset managers across the EU, but at the same time challenge the smaller structures and markets. This is one of the biggest challenges for the EU asset management industry for the next years.
  • What kind of strategies CEOs and CFOs in different market sectors could follow in order to cope with the current situation and manage their own funds?
  • What is the Macro Investment Outlook in Greece, Europe and worldwide?
  • What are the Brexit dynamics?

and many more!

A discussion will follow each panel presentation with the engagement of the audience.