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"The new scene in the asset management industry"

About the Forum

The Asset Management Industry in Greece is still facing challenges with the real economy striving to find its pace for a 6th consecutive year. The political environment is still unstable and the volatility remains high. New flexible schemes in the Asset Management emerge. Professionals of high caliber of the asset management industry from other markets will share their experiences and discuss on the current situation, the opportunities and the pitfalls as well as on the new trends. A macro investment outlook in Greece, Europe and worldwide will also be discussed.

During the Asset Management Forum, you will have the opportunity to get answers from our outstanding speakers on topics such as:

  • Will the consolidation in the Greek Asset Management industry create a more dynamic picture?
  • Will new more flexible schemes concerning Asset Management emerge?
  • What is the Macro Investment Outlook in Greece, Europe and worldwide?
  • How could Market Leading Asset Managers investing in various asset classes, be prepared to become leaders in this challenging and uncertain environment?
  • What kind of strategies CEOs and CFOs in different market sectors could follow in order to cope with the current situation and manage their own funds?

and many more!

Speakers of great caliber will discuss and provide their insights concerning all these critical issues.