Thursday, October 19, 2017
Royal Olympic Athens Hotel

About the Forum

The Asset Management Industry becomes more challenging worldwide and in Greece too. At the Macro point of view, the latest developments and dynamics will be at the top of the agenda of the first panel presentation and discussion.

Over the last ten years, forward looking capital market assumptions have come down but investors’ needs may not have changed. How can we deliver North of 6% from a market that might only give us 6%? The J.P.Morgan Asset Management Portfolio Insights Program utilises three key levers for portfolios returning North of 6%:

  1. Asset allocation
  2. Tactical Investing
  3. Manager Selection

Each section will be built around real life client portfolios, scenarios and industry trends, featuring the choices and funds most frequently found across the European cross border market. Each section will deliver actionable takeaways, featuring the toolkit available to J.P. Morgan Asset Management clients through the Portfolio Insights program. The agenda will be framed against the evolving regulatory environment, reinforcing the need for robust and accountable decision making processes.

Specific legal considerations related to the Asset Management Industry will be analyzed. What are the suitability test, the inducements and reporting according to MIFID II? A latest update on the dynamics of the Athens Stock Exchange market will take place too.

A discussion will follow each panel presentation with the engagement of the audience.

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